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MEOWE - Taking gaming and education one step further.​ Promising Beginnings

Updated: Nov 7, 2020

The very first Meowe's paper prototype is being tested by the experts now.

There is nothing more valuable than getting feedback from the experts, so Meowe went for it.

On Friday, October 16, 2020, Meowe was tested by its very first two beta customers: Laura, 10 years old, and Renato, 12 years old. The siblings from Brazil joined Meowe's founder, Debora Lima, on a Zoom meeting to play the game and share their thoughts.

Laura was the first one. She got so excited after playing the game that she asked her brother to try it too.

When asked about what she thought about the game she affirmed multiple times and without hesitation, "It was super fun!", and when asked about why, she restated "It was just super fun!".

Her favorite part was on the main play "screen" when she had to save the lab from catching on fire, "I liked that I could open the window to let the smoke out", she commented.

Of course we also asked some opinions on what could be improved, and she said the measurement conversion part was a little hard, but fun.

Next, and unscheduled, beta customer was Renato, who came down the stairs from his room after hearing Laura's request for him to come try the game too.

Renato is two years older than his sister and was able to give some additional inputs. He agreed 100% with Laura: the game was super fun and his favorite part was the action when he had to put out the fire.

Now, when asked about why he thought the game was super fun he said "It's useful...I learned something new and cool."

Yet in another aspect his opinion matches his sister's: he also thought that everything was fun, but the least fun was the measurement conversion. He had a suggestion though, "Maybe you could add some more hints here".

Of course Debora got some feedback from Raquel, the children's devoted mother. Raquel said she would let them play the game many times and that she couldn't wait to try the experiment part of the game herself.

"Thank you all very much for your help. That was it for the very first Meowe's paper prototype trial​", Debora said as the Zoom meeting was about to end, but Renato had a last question for the CEO, "When are you gonna launch Meowe?".

Even though the inquiry was quite unexpected, Debora didn't have much what to think about, "If things continue this good, by August 2021".

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