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Our Crowdfunding Campaign is On!

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

It is with great happiness that I write this blog just as I receive the news that our crowdfunding campaign has just started.

After having our campaign denied by Kickstarter due to our rewards not being fully our own product, and given the option to either change the essence of our campaign or not be published, we made a decision which I believe was the right one:

We stuck to our purpose and chose to switch to IFundWomen crowdfunding platform.

We were fearful that they might see a problem with our campaign style as well, as we have humbly, but carefully crafted it to be ready in time for Christmas gift giving, yet were running late due to delays on its publication.

The main factor and motive for our campaign is obviously to raise funds to continue our product development. However, a good part of it has been created with the desire to help the Vancouver Aquarium care for the nearly 70 thousand animals in its care, and donate Christmas gifts to children in need.

That's it! It's on now.

If you could donate to our campaign and/or share the link below to help us raise the amount we need, that would be fantastic!

I assure it will have a great impact ahead.

Your support is much appreciated.

Happy Holidays!

Team Meowe

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