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Virtual x Real

Meowe's mission is working!

Our second paper prototype is being tested with children in Canada and Brazil, and one of our main assumptions has been verified: the virtual world exists to assist the physical world, not to replace it.

The prototype focuses on stimulating children to use what they learned during the game in real life, through art, for example.

It teaches some cool things about prehistorical creatures and how the world looked like 100 million years ago!

Part of the game is to make an origami Elasmosaurus to display in Meowe's Natural Art Museum.

Here is what one of our most loyal prototype evaluators has sent us less than thirty minutes after finishing testing pp2:

Artist: Laura

Name : Elasmosaurus

Type: Plesiosaur

Favorite food: Small fish and sea invertebrates

How long ago: 80 million years

Place where it lives : Western interior (Seaway), which is now North America

Size: 13 meters

(data by Laura)

Congratulations, Laura !!!! I only needed to add the "Seaway" :)

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