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Donate any amount and help us make more amazing games!

Donate any amount and help us make more amazing games!

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Meowe’s first game teaches the importance of the 3Rs (reduce, reuse, recycle), and the urgent need to clean up the ocean from plastic polution.


Now, we would LOVE to create more amazing games, and we count on your help!


If you saw value in our approach to make education fun and meaningful, and believe that it should be available to everyone, anywhere, consider donating any amount to help us develop more amazing games!


This game requires reading skills, and is more suitable for 7-year-olds and older.


Please, note that we do not have a specific date of delivery, and that to be contacted about Meowe’s launch date you need to subscribe to this page.


This product will only be available for mobile use. Therefore, to access the game the user needs to have either an Android or iOS smart phone.


The user is responsible for downloading the game directly from the app store of choice, and will not receive it by any other means.

  • Gaming App - Software product

    This specific game is more suitable for children who have mastered reading and reading comprehension.

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